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Roma Balboa Weekend 2021

Dal 5 Novembre 2021 al 7 Novembre 2021


  • Stili:
  • Orario: 18:00 / 03:00
  • Location: Roma Balboa Weekend
Roma Balboa Weekend 2021

Ehi, friends, you already guess what we are forced to tell you today! No…it’s not a Christmas present … because we are here omce again to tell you that the February edition cannot be confirmed, the sanitary emergency and the government restrictions do not allow to plan any festival yet.. 
So, RBW is re-scheduled again, but… we have new dates to announce: 5/6/ 7 November 2021 and we got a feeling about this time!
Once again we have been working to arrange the better festival than ever and we are able to confirm right now that:

– Brancaccio Palace will be your home for 3 days! All Classes and Parties will take place under the astonishing ceiling of the Brancaccio Palace!

– The confirmed teachers are: Mickey Fortanasce & Anna-Maria Bernhard, Vincenzo Fesi & Moe Sakan, Mel & Jo Calanglang, Anne Helene &Bernard Cavasa.
We are sure you can’t wait to meet them all again!

Don’t miss out!

Visit our website for all details and registration that will be online in JULY:

Even harder than before, we are working to offer you an unforgettable holiday in Rome, so…be ready!

The crew of Swing&Pulse can’t wait to dance with you️