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Stay-at-home Blues Dance Party – Feel the Christmas blues

Dal 26 Dicembre 2020 al 27 Dicembre 2020


  • Orario: 20:00 / 01:00
  • Location: Streaming
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Stay At Home Blues
If you celebrate Christmas, this year may be a bit different. Maybe you can’t meet your family or only a few of them. Maybe you can’t meet your friends. Maybe that traditional bar or club night on the 26th doesn’t happen. That’s why we’re having the Christmas Blues edition of our Stay-at-home parties. We want to offer you a place to connect to friends, to meet new people, to listen to great music, to dance, to express yourself, to feel safe, welcome, and comfortable.
Maybe you want to invite a few non-dancing friends to stay in touch with them even if you can’t meet them in person?
We’ll be having a video call using Zoom so that you can dance with other people. There’s going to be a live concert by Rufus, a virtual dance class, DJ-music, and a lot more.
We’ll post the link to Zoom here later.
Joining the party is free. If you can and want to send financial support to Rufus and the organisers you’ll be able to contribute:
Thank you!
We’ll be having an online class by Erik Nieland. The class is beginner-friendly, for free, and will last approximately 40-50 minutes.
His focus is on fun, improvisation and clear communication and his classes are free and somewhat improvisational. The focus is on making sure that everyone takes something away from his classes.
Live music by Rufus

Rufus (alias Jörg Teichert) is a musician from Dossenheim, Germany, who loves blues music. With his resonator guitar and a bottleneck he creates authentic delta blues sounds and bouncing ragtime rhythms. In 2012 he discovered the blues dance scene in Heidelberg. Since then he’s been playing for blues dancers at workshops and parties.

Your DJ will be Michael aka Discount Basie who also played music for the other parties. He will play old and new Blues for you (of course!) and also slide into other genres where the Blues left traces and scratches – like Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk, and Folk. This time, a few Christmas songs might be heard. After midnight the music selection might become more eclectic and anything with a decent groove might happen.
The current plan for the night (all times are in CET which is UTC+1):
8:00 pm – Welcome
8:30 pm – Class with Erik Nieland
9.30 pm – Live: Rufus (first set)
10.00 pm – DJ Discount Basie
10.30 pm – Live: Rufus (second set)
11.00 pm – DJ Discount Basie
Our parties seem to get famous for their warmhearted atmosphere and for having people who like to communicate – by chat or by sharing 1-on-1 dances. Also, we have the impression that putting a lot of thoughts and work in sound quality pays off as our guests praise the audible experience.
The first editions were described by our guests like this:
“Definitely the best lockdown evening so far.”
“it made me smile again for a while”
“Lovely party, lovely people.”
“It was awesome!”
“Never seen so many people dance at an online party.”
“Thank you very much! Was soooo good! Wait for the next one!”
“It was a great party. I’m still glowing”
“It was great idea and a lot of great songs!”
“we have been in other parties like this one and the music there sounded very bad…I have a question…why the music of this zoom sounds so good?”
Please prepare yourself and your living room as follows:
– For best sound download the free Zoom app / Desktop Client from
– You can also just open the Meeting-Link via Browser (instead of using the client) but it might compromise the sound quality.
– Dress up the way you feel good – it can be full festive evening dress or your comfy pyjamas.
– Prepare a drink or two.
– Invite your friends and family. Chances are they can´t run away anyway.
– Dim the light, get rid of the carpet, and enjoy the dance.
A few (technical) advises:
All microphones will be muted by default to avoid cacophony. We will give a short intro before the class starts.
We will communicate via the Zoom chat.
You can have 1-on-1 dances if you agree on doing one in the chat and enlarge your dance partner’s video by using “Pin Video” in the app. Try it! It’s a beautiful experience.
If you have the choice: connect to the internet via cable rather than Wifi.
If you have a bad connection and experience audio dropouts: consider switching your camera off to reduce total network load on your end. In any other case please have your camera on – it’s more fun for you and for everyone else.
See you soon!