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Swing Paradise 2020->2022

Dal 10 Giugno 2022 al 12 Giugno 2022


  • Orario: 16:00 / 22:45
  • Location: J9 Vaidilos teatras
  • Indirizzo: J9 Vaidilos teatras
  • Stili: ,
Swing Paradise 2020 >2022

JUNE 10-12th, 2022
VILNIUS, Lithuania
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Katja Završnik & Peter Loggins, Neus Castells & Albert Ferran, Olga Marina & Andreas Olsson, Katarzyna Dybowska & Michal Oblacinski, Larissa Heckendorn & Heiko Heckendorn, Sara Planas & Pol Prats, Simona Pogosian & Rokas Borusevičius

Lester’s Blues, The Schwings Band

️ Be aware of scammers selling fake tickets to our event – participants can’t resell their tickets and registration process has to be approved by the whole Swing Paradise organisation team. Whenever in doubt – contact us ️

Swing Paradise is part of the Swinging Europe Network project which is co-funded by the Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA) through the Europe Creative programme of the EU.