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SwingInRoma 2025

Dal 7 Febbraio 2025 al 10 Febbraio 2025 a Roma


  • Organizzatore: Swing&Pulse
  • Orario: 17:00 / 20:30
  • Location: Palazzo Brancaccio - Spazio Field
  • Indirizzo: Via Merulana, 248
  • Stili: ,

Welcome to the new International Festival of Rome, next February let’s celebrate together the newborn event in the shadow of the Colosseum!
What to expect? a traditional Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz festival with a breath of fresh air!

The recipe will be:
– tons of Lindy Hop
– a great deal of Solo Jazz
– a hint of taster class
– a truckload of excellent music
– a splash of competitions
– loads of social dance
– plenty of friendship and smiles
– a splash of vintage atmosfhere
and…. a touch of magic!

Hyunjung Choi & Vincenzo Fesi
Sonia Ortega & Hector Artal
Ariadna Beltran & Simon Bressanelli
Sep Vermeersch
Jill De Muelenaere & Alexandre McCormack