Agnieszka Cherubińska

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Agnieszka Cherubinska

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Nome e attività
Agnieszka Cherubińska,
Stili di ballo
Boogie Woogie, Swing
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  • Votanti: 31
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Probably the longest legs inBoogie Woogie!

What we do know is thatAgnieszka Cherubińskais one of the top dancers on the scene today. Always surrouded by dancing and music, she began dancing boogie woogie at the age of 19. She and her brother,Grzegorz Cherubiński, formed a partnership and rised to the top of the competitionscene in 2011. Always with a unique style and a smile on her face, look for awesome moves and technique, both while teaching and on the dancefloor.

Nowadays she is teaching on an international level and has, allongside her brother, finished her competition career with title of European Champion and Vice-World Champion.

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